Ziggo adds RTL4 HD, local channels
Published: 10.29 UTC January 3, 2011 by Robert Briel

Ziggo, Hollandís largest cable operator, has added RTL4 HD to its line up of HD channels. The cabler is also in the process of offering all 130 regional channels as part of its basic digital bouquet.

Ziggo offers RTL4 HD as part of the HD package, which costs Ä5.95 a month. The basic HD offers comprises just the three public channels, Nederland 1,2,3 HD. The extend bouquet offers RTL 4 HD, SBS 6 HD, Veronica HD, Net 5 HD, Discovery HD Showcase, National Geographic HD, History HD and Eurosport HD. For the moment, RTL 4 is the only HD channel on offer by Ziggo, as the operator claims it has not enough bandwidth to offer all four RTL channels in HD.

The operator said it now offers 30 local public broadcasters as part of its digital basic offer, the channels being available in their respective local area only. Ziggo is now in the process of transferring all 130 local broadcasters within its footprint to digital. The cabler hopes to finalise the process by the end of Q3 2011.