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Thread: SifTeam Extreme Edition for - Vusolo

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    SifTeam Extreme Edition for - Vusolo

    SifTeam_Enigma2_Extreme_Edition_r89_vusolo.nfi 36.5 MB 2010-Nov-03

    Download NFI

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    SifTeam Extreme Edition for - Vusolo

    SifTeam Exteme Edition rev.136 vuplus-vusolo

    Changelog preso dagli update dell'svn sif su google

    Enabled wlan in vuplus machines
    Fixed missing meta packages dependencies
    Added blacklist support in busybox for vuplus (needed by usb tuners)
    Added support for tuner TDA18218
    Added extuner as default in vuplus
    Fixed bad a867 package in usb tuners panel
    Added "depmod -a" in dvbusb init script
    SifTeam Exteme Edition rev.136 vuplus-vusolo

    Removed old v4l-dvb sources
    Fixed missing patch in vuplus v4l-dvb Fixed bootlogo in vuplus Restored enigma2 swloop patch in vuplus-vusolo
    Removed old a867 package and patch
    Removed swloop patch from vuduo image
    Merged a867 driver into v4l-dvb
    Updated modules init script
    Updated modprobe.conf (fixed a867 and as102 in blacklist)
    Merged AF9035 into main v4l-dvb
    Added support for A825
    Fixed bad pid add/remove handling
    Updated checksums.ini with new vusolo modules checksums

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    SifTeam Extreme Edition for - Vusolo

    SifTeam Enigma2 Extreme Edition vusolo r144 USB/NFI version


    Removed old useless dvb-usb packages

    Added a new thread for demuxer read/write in extuner

    Decreased buffer size in extuner

    Increased revision in enigma2 (missed in previous commit)

    Added openee-version package

    Added current svn version label in software manager

    Added wireless support in kernel for vuduo

    Copied vusolo kernel in customized recipes

    Fixed bug in sifpanel hdd standby

    Fixed bug in scrolllabel if lineheight is a floating < 1

    Updated siano and nova-t usb stick firmwares (thanks to gianathem edg nemesis


    With this release should be solved the problems for

    As regards the network settings and has been improved

    extuner management regarding the use of resources by

    the dtt usb.

    THX a SifTeam Team

    Download NFI Image

    Download USB Image

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    SifTeam Extreme Edition for - Vusolo

    SifTeam Extreme Edition Vusolo rev. 175_usb upgrade

    New thread for the image you just baked.
    I summarize the main update taken directly from openee :

    fix warning in the compilation of the driver RTL8187L
    Removed panel "usb tuners"
    Added panel "usb devices"
    Preinstalled usbutils
    Fixed bug on "end of line" in usbloader
    Removed modprobe.conf (now is autogenerated from usbloader dictionary)
    Added all usb dvb tuners in usbloader dictionary
    Preinstalled on image all v4-dvb modules
    Fix wrong patch on last commit for realtek rtl8187l
    Big fix for sources code driver rtl8187l
    Fixed rtl8187l preinstallation
    Reverted latest updated of
    Added wifi in vu+ machine configuration
    Changed rtl8187l PN
    Added rtl8187 as default in wlan task
    Added wpa-supplicant as depency of enigma2 (needed on vu+)
    Commented getChannelInfo from WirelessLan plugin (needed for rtl8187l)
    Added usbloader
    Moved modprobe.conf from extuner to usbloader
    Added support crypto arc4 and michael_mic by default for rtl8187l
    Missing file on last commit for Realtek RTL8187L (sources prepared by bobsilvio)
    Driver for Wifi with chipset Realtek RTL8187L (BETA VERSION)
    Readded vu+ machines with correct wpa-supplicant preferred version
    Added libdvdcss2 as dependency of dvdplayer
    Added missing font "Display" in skin.xml
    Increased enigma2 revision
    Fixed movie menu alignment issue
    Small fixes on extuner
    Added support for AverMedia A815M and firmware for af9015
    Added support for DVB-T AverMedia A835/B835
    Removed now useless customized vuplus machines configurations
    Added folder (for now empty) for wifi drivers
    Updated vuplus stuff to 20110101
    Updated LCN scanner revision
    Updated OE to 20101230
    Updated enigma2 to 20101231 (80a99b08bd6e0932a420e805d928dc5ae5b80f61)
    Upgrade enigma2 plugins to 20101230
    Added LCN scanner
    Updated crossepg

    We have introduced two important innovations in this release:

    LCN is the first scanner:
    A handy plugin for dtt. To operate, refer to this thread
    LCN SCANNER Plugin

    The second is the usbloader:
    From now on USB devices that are WiFi or DTT could be easily installed plug and play.
    Inserting the pen into the USB port and restarting the decoder it will be recognized and installed automatically.
    Being a radical change, this new method of recognition of the devices should be tested in large scale, so please provide feedback both positive and negative.

    The pens dtt-based chips only work on 9015 and not on the DM800 and Vusolo dm800se 500hd Vuplus -8000 and as we are trying to figure out how to get them to work on dual core processors

    (Refer to the list of compatible devices here USBLoader SifTeam list wifi-compatible devices dtt)


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    Re: SifTeam Extreme Edition for - Vusolo

    SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition for Vuo+Solo Images

    New Settings Loader Plugin
    - With this plugin you can download Settings Directly from major settings creators,like Morpheus,Cyrus without lost your Dtt channel list
    - Added possibility to install manual settings directly from zip/tar.gz/ipk file
    - Many thanks to Morpheus883 and for joined the project. Other settings makers are welcome

    New Lcn Scanner Plugin
    -Totally Rewritten
    -Reorder channels with national lcn list
    -Use it after a standard dtt scan on enigma2 service searching
    -If you enable "Italy" option lcn scanner will order your channel better with categories divisor,(if you want this option for other country just send a correct lcn xml file )

    New SifPanel System
    - Now you can personalize your panel like you want.Just add or remove the parameters that you use often.

    New Software Manager
    Now before installing plugin or skin,you can see a preview with some screenshoots

    New Default Black Skin (see screenshoots)

    - Autodetect usb dtt Drivers (see forum for the list) Fixed win nova mini stick

    - Autodetect usb wifi drivers (see forum for the list) Fixed rt2870 \ rt3070 \ rtl8187l \

    - Added Sm*rgo Support

    Many Thanks To :

    Skaman (Developer & Coder )
    Bobsilvio (Coder)
    Ipbox2008 (Coder)
    Margy82 (Skinner)
    Cus2k (Betatester)
    Barrett (Betatester)
    Katapip (Betatester)
    Morpheus883 (Settings Master Chief & Betatester)
    Raskino (Betaster)
    Ukiller_Bestia (Web Master and Server Manteiner)
    Theseven (Betaster)
    Tideglo (Cuberevo Drivers e2 Developer)
    Ngc1927 (Dgs Firmwares Developer)
    Genge (Manager)
    Biondo79 (Betatester)


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    Re: SifTeam Extreme Edition for - Vusolo

    SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition for Vuo+Solo - 29/03/2011

    No Changes
    Enigma2 plugins:
    No Changes
    2011-01-26 Fraxinas <>
    * [hotplug-ng] update cvs src date (fixes bug #399)
    2011-01-28 Fraxinas <>
    * [libdreamdvd] update srcdate, enables direct audio and subtitle stream
    selection (required by ##440, 441)
    2011-02-05 ghost <>
    * move to git, update srcdate/srcref to fix dm7020hd support
    2011-02-06 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * openssl-native_0.9.8j: build fix for x86_64
    2011-02-06 skaman <>
    2011-02-05 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * enable devfsd on dm7025
    2011-02-06 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * linux-dm7025: build fix for ubuntu 11.04 / x86_64
    2011-02-08 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * opkg: don't touch /usr/lib/opkg/alternatives on install
    * minicom: build fix for ubuntu 11.04 / x86_64
    * mc-4.6.2: build fix for ubuntu 11.04 / x86_64
    2011-02-07 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * remove cp437 from task-boot
    * linux: enable codepage 437 to be able to boot from FAT
    * dm7025: issue hdparm -d1 after setting dma mode
    * zeroconf: set FALLBACK=yes
    * opkg: fix interception of depmod calls
    2011-02-08 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * update-alternatives: don't touch /usr/lib/opkg/alternatives on install
    2011-02-08 skaman <>
    2011-02-10 ghost <>
    * add gst-plugin-selector to RREPLACES and RCONFLICTS..
    because it was moved from gst-plugins-bad to gstreamer core now
    * update to 20110210 and define a git srcref removed no more
    existing gst-plugin-selector
    * checksums.ini: add checksums for gstreamer/gst-plugins-base 0.10.32,
    gst-plugins-bad 0.10.21, gst-plugins-ugly 0.10.17 and gst-plugins-good
    * fix PR, cleanup
    * fix PR
    * set INC_PR to 0 because of gstreamer and plugins update
    * gst-plugin-dvbmediasink: update to 20110210
    * enigma2-plugins: update to 20110210 and define a git srcref
    * update skins to 20110128 and define a srcref for git
    2011-02-10 Fraxinas <>
    * [gstreamer] switch to latest releases
    2011-02-10 ghost <>
    * linux-dm8000: add nand flash driver fix (this fixes mtd/jffs2 ecc error
    messages in kernel log)
    2011-02-11 ghost <>
    * fix typo (SRCREF -> SRCREV)
    2011-02-11 skaman <>
    2011-02-16 ghost <>
    * update dm800/dm8000/dm500hd/dm800se hardware
    drivers all --- - add support for two vtuners - use linuxtv api dvr devices
    instead of proprietary pvr device(s) .. this is later needed for better ts
    streaming support - small pcr fix - fixed small demux bug to prevent packets
    from previous running service in recorded ts streams dm800se/dm500hd: -
    updated audio/video decoder, video output, demux and hdmi output code dm8000:
    - updated video decoder, video output, demux and hdmi output code take care
    this driver update needs at least 2nd stage loader #81
    2011-02-16 ghost <>
    * recipes/udev/udev-124: add vtuner1 device to 41-od-linux-2.6.18-misc.rules
    and remove pvr device
    * checksums.ini: update secondstage-dm7025-81.bin checksum
    * add missing driver date changes
    * push srcrev for latest dreambox drivers, add 7025 compatibility
    diff, remove unused diffs
    * push srcrev (needed for new dreambox hw drivers)
    2011-02-15 ghost <>
    * update showiframe tool (switch to nonblock mode)
    needed by dreambox-dvb-modules >= 20110215
    2011-02-16 ghost <>
    * update dm7025/dm800/dm8000/dm800se/dm500hd 2nd
    stage loader to #81 - some usb stack fixes / improvements - changed mem
    layout for dm800se/dm8000/dm500hd hardware drivers >= 20110215 - some html
    fixes needed for modern web browsers (i.e. fixed ineffective "flash" button)
    - fixed frequently dm500hd poweron problems - fixed possible ethernet
    problems update writenfi tool to fix secondstage on the fly updates on dm8000
    2011-02-17 ghost <>
    * removed kernel-modules-nls-iso8859-1 from MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS
    .. its now directly included in the kernel
    * enigma2: fixed 7025 ts playback
    * better handling for dreambox-passthrough..
    * move libebml and libmatroska checksums to checksums.ini
    * remove old (broken) libmatroska and libebml
    2010-10-01 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * lib{ebml,matroska}-1.0.0: intitial recipes
    2011-02-17 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * linux-dm*: build ISO8859-1 into the kernel and select it as default NLS to
    finally fix FAT mounts on boot
    2011-02-16 ghost <>
    * recipes/enigma2: remove no more used, push srcrev
    * enigma2: use libpassthrough when available, push srcrev to fix radiomode
    * add dreambox-libpassthrough to support DTS-HD -> DTS conversion for
    passthrough (for TS/M2TS)
    2011-02-26 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * secondstage: fix do_stage for 7025, consolidate functions
    2011-02-25 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * update secondstage to #82, update bootlogo.elf to #7
    2011-02-28 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * secondstage: Use PV instead of PV_mipsel, because OVERRIDES follows inverse
    logic in this OE version
    * secondstage-dm7025: fix freeze before loading kernel (#83)
    2011-03-02 ghost <>
    * update dm800/dm800se/dm500hd/dm8000 hardware
    drivers - reentrancy fixes in demux and video/audio clip mode (fixed
    frequently kernel oops) - fixed not visible PEP options on DM8000 - revert to
    previous video output, hdmi and video decoder code (DM500HD/DM800SE/DM8000)
    this should fix some problems introduced with 20110215 drivers - added
    pcr/hdmi kernel debug output messages to debug hdmi problems (DM800)
    2011-03-02 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * bootlogo: update to #8
    2011-03-01 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * secondstage-dm500hd: display IP address on LED (#83)
    2011-03-04 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * add driver for Realtek 802.11n USB wireless LAN controllers
    2011-03-08 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * autofs: increase timeout from 1 to 5 seconds (refs #694)
    2011-03-08 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * task-opendreambox-wlan: build and suggest usb wlan modules on dm8000
    * busybox: enable mkfs.vfat
    * task-opendreambox-*: fix DEPENDS
    2011-03-09 ghost <>
    * update dm800/dm800se/dm500hd/dm8000 hardware
    drivers to 20110309 - worked on dm800 hdmi connection lost problem - fixed
    load average calculation again (broken since 20110302 drivers) - worked on
    h264 buffer underflow problems on some h264 services
    2011-03-09 Andreas Oberritter <>
    * autofs-4.1.4: bump PR (fixes 607126c04ef908f0f7bfb1c46cd72d6a2ad7a277)
    2011-03-09 skaman <>
    2011-03-15 ghost <>
    * update dm8000 hardware drivers - fixed lef/right
    audio channel switching via HDMI (broken since 20110302 drivers)
    2011-03-18 Mladen Horvat <>
    * netbase: fix non working wpa_supplicant detection in network restarts. Push
    PR. refs #724
    2011-03-27 skaman <>
    * Fixed AGAIN libdvdcss2 depends
    2011-03-26 skaman <>
    * Added libdvdcss2 depends
    2011-03-24 Bobsilvio <>
    * Update usbloader for new option dib0700
    2011-03-23 skaman <>
    * Updated et9000 drivers (20110322)
    2011-03-22 skaman <>
    * Removed latest opkg patches from dmm
    * Removed svdownloader
    * Increased enigma2 PR (missed in last merge)
    * Fixed broken v4l-dvb-compat.patch
    2011-03-21 skaman <>
    * Updated v4l-dvb SRCREV
    * Increased PR in enigma2 task
    * Added et9000, bm750 and vuplus checksums
    * Added libdvdcss2 as dependency in dvdplayer task
    * Updated bm750 and vusolo drivers (20110321)
    * Increased bootlogo PR (required from last merge with dmm)
    * Updated et9000 drivers (20110319)
    * Fixed kernel-module-nls-iso8859-1 dependencies from last merge
    No Changes
    No Changes
    No Changes
    2011-03-24 Bobsilvio <>
    * Added option force_lna_activation=1 for driver dib0700

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    Re: SifTeam Extreme Edition for - Vusolo

    SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition for Vuo+Solo 19/04/2011

    2011-04-17 skaman <>
    * Increased video wizard timeout from 20 to 30 seconds
    2011-04-12 skaman <>
    * Test for fix recording on azbox
    2011-04-11 skaman <>
    * Fixed demux start pid on azbox
    2011-04-09 skaman <>
    * Fixed broken support in videomode for not azbox stb
    2011-04-02 skaman <>
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r40: Add missing variable in accel.h header file
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r39: Fix detection of the AC3 pid on some
    NorthAmerica channels, thx to everyone who tested
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r36: Removed #define
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r35: Added New Sigma BLIT function
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r32: Fix Radio Mode for Sigma CPU, sharing Video
    Decoder/STC clock now okey
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r31: add prebuffering and some other changes
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r29: AC3+ detection added
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r28: Added few more AC3 stream type values for
    detection ...
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r27: Start PCR pid even if it's
    timeshift/playing TS stream from file (PCR pid needed for Sigma to start
    automatically play/STC clocks).
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r26: Fix DMX_ADD_PID ioctl, now it's working for
    Sigma DVB driver
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r25: Added Ultra Model detection
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r24: Added Azbox receivers enums
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r23: Added Azbox box detection and demux device
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r22: Added tuner selection for Elite/Premium
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r20: fix in dvbtime
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r19: Setting DEMUX source on Audio/Video "fd"
    after open (it's not default mode on open in Sigma driver)
    * From azbox-enigma2-project r18: Changes in eTSMPEGDecoder::showSinglePic
    for Sigma
    2011-03-27 Bobsilvio <>
    * Fixed problem (first reboot) wlan with rt3070 and rt2870
    Enigma2 plugins:
    No Changes
    2011-04-19 skaman <>
    * Increased task-boot PR
    * Fixed bad modules dependency in et5000 machine
    2011-04-18 skaman <>
    * Added et5000
    * Updated azbox bootup script
    * Updated azbox kernel to 20110418
    * Added module scsi_wait_scan as azbox essential depend
    2011-04-17 skaman <>
    * Updated azbox driver to 20110418
    * Fixed again azbox kernel name and updated kernel and drivers
    * increased SRCREV
    * Restored underscore in kernel name and changed workaround (thanks to
    2011-04-16 skaman <>
    * Increased the right initscript PR!!
    * Changed azbox kernel version from the_ripper to the-ripper (thanks to
    * Fixed azbox-build-e2 util (always thanks to the author dr_gogeta86)
    * Fixed broken azbox inittab
    2011-04-13 skaman <>
    * updated SRCREV
    * updated SRCREV
    * updated SRCREV
    * Updated azbox drivers to 20110407
    * Added e2_packer for azbox (thanks to dr_gogeta86)
    * Fixed reboot on azbox
    2011-04-12 skaman <>
    * Updated ccid to 1.4.3 and pcsc-lite to 1.7.2
    * updated SRCREV
    2011-04-11 skaman <>
    * updated SRCREV
    * updated SRCREV
    * Updated rt3070 driver (thanks to dr_gogeta86)
    2011-04-09 skaman <>
    * Updated et9000 drivers to 2011009
    * update SRCREV
    * Fixed not applied patches in et9000 kernel (thanks to biondo79)
    2011-04-07 skaman <>
    * Added cdfs to et9000 kernel
    * Added newline at end of file to et9000 bootup
    2011-04-02 skaman <>
    * Enabled crypto modules in azbox kernel
    * updated SRCREV
    * Reverted busybox defconfig
    2011-04-01 skaman <>
    * Temporary removed r8712 rt73 and zd1211b drivers from azbox
    * Added wifi as machine feature in azbox
    * Upgraded azbox modules to 20110331
    * Increased PR in wlan task
    * Added azbox in wlan task (thanks to dr_gogeta86)
    * Fixed azbox modules install path
    * Added missing defines in dmx.h header (thanks to tideglo)
    * Removed fuse-module depency on azbox for upnp
    2011-03-31 skaman <>
    * Updated busybox defconfig (thanks to dr_gogeta86)
    * Removed old comments fro
    * Upgraded gst-plugin-dvbmediasink sources for azbox
    * Added necessary patch to linux dvb headers on azbox
    2011-03-30 skaman <>
    * Upgraded azbox kernel to 2.6.29 and driver to release 20110330
    2011-03-30 Bobsilvio <>
    * Fixed errated checksum for skins dmconcinnity
    2011-03-29 Bobsilvio <>
    * Added new skin enigma2-skins-dmconcinnity-hd-trasnparent (margy82 mod)
    2011-03-27 Bobsilvio <>
    * Update Usbloader for new dictionary
    * Added more vid/pid and convert ra in wlan (thanks bigroma)
    No Changes
    No Changes
    No Changes
    2011-04-13 skaman <>
    * Increased row buffer size
    * Small fix in csv parser Resaved dicionary.csv
    * Test to fix dictionary end lines
    2011-04-11 skaman <>
    * Updated rt3070sta wireless devices
    2011-03-27 Bobsilvio <>
    * Added Vid/Pid, driver rt2870sta and rt3070sta

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    Re: SifTeam Extreme Edition for - Vusolo

    SIF OpenEE Vusolo Gecko 20110528173243
    SIF OpenEE Bm750 Gecko 20110528171544
    [code]Enigma 2 Version: gecko-git20110603-r42

    SIF OpenEE Vusolo Gecko 20110528173243

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