Broadcom puts NDS security into home networks
Published: 16.12 UTC January 4, 2011 by Julian Clover

Broadcom has begun 2011 with the announcement of no less than eleven new set-top box (STB) system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions, all of which have been integrated with the NDS VideoGuard Security Kernel, securing digital broadcast content across connected home devices.

The Broadcom 40 nanometer (40nm) STB designs, which are also suitable for DVR/PVR integration, incorporate incorporates advanced conditional access (CA) features such as Control Word Protection and ICAM (integrated conditional access module), and enables direct rights management (DRM) technologies for content sharing in home networks. Whole home connectivity is compliant with DNLA, MoCA and Ethernet. The integration extends Broadcom’s relationship with NDS and its VideoGuard security architecture.

“The integration of our Security Kernel with Broadcom chipsets enables us to provide a more advanced and hardened level of protection for operators who select Broadcom technology,” explained Martin Kaufmann, VP Consumer Device Platforms, NDS. Broadcom’s wide range of set-top box technology provides great performance, integration and energy-efficiency, and we significantly value our continued partnership with them.”

Broadcom’s next generation 40nm connected home STB platforms include the BCM7344, BCM7346, BCM7354, BCM7356, BCM7230, BCM7231, BCM7418, BCM7421, BCM7422, BCM7424, BCM7425.