TV1000 return to Cyfrowy Polsat

2011-01-04 7:54:20 / Paul Nietrzpiel

Last updated: 2011-01-04 11:21:12
Recently we reported that Viasat Broadcasting plans to extend its distribution channels in Poland. The latest information shows that channels such as TV1000 , Viasat Explorer (with a band of erotic Spice), Viasat Nature and Viasat History is likely to broaden the portfolio of Cyfrowy Polsat . We remind you that the channel TV1000 had once been available in the operator's offer, but in March 2010 has been replaced Filmbox station.

- We received an offer of cooperation from the sender, but no decisions were taken - said Olga Zomer, a spokesman for Cyfrowy Polsat.

- At the moment, such conversations are conducted, but the final decision as to introduce our channels have not yet fallen, and it depends largely on the program strategy Polsat in 2011 - said Dariusz Wasilewski, Country Manager Poland Viasat World Ltd. He added, however, that when it comes to channel TV1000 , they are a lot of chances to return to the offer of Cyfrowy Polsat .

Currently, the portfolio Viasat channels are only available on cable. Unfortunately, we still are missing in the digital platforms such as CYFRA + , n TV , or Cyfrowy Polsat . Only channel TV1000 offers guests Polish Telecom .