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Thread: dmm-HDr2 für gp3 (modifyed by xcuse)

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    dmm-HDr2 für gp3 (modifyed by xcuse)

    dmm-HDr2 für gp3 (modifyed by xcuse)

    I took the liberty of the change-dmm HDR2 daniel for gp3 of Kerni / jack on my needs.
    all credit goes to these two!

    my current skin - Vali's ai.hd - support some functions but I would not use the benefits of a gp3-skins. the original skin color was read them and too bad.

    so I made the following changes. see note.

    To achieve this you have the existing skin.xml in the directory / usr/share/enigma2/dmm-HDr2b skin.xml replace with the attached.

    in the other two fonts and SEGOEUI.TTF SEGOEUIB.TTF must SEGOEUI.rat from the directory / usr / share / fonts are copied. your spelling left as.

    then start the new well. that's all ...
    have fun all, this is to use it.
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    Re: dmm-HDr2 für gp3 (modifyed by xcuse)

    Hello Actually I do not see any note but from the picture I see that you made some changes to the preview on the channel list - on the left side you can see full EPG and what program follows right?
    The note and mainly the SKIN.XML is MISSING!!! Plz upload as it looks really nice :)

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