HyperPanel gets ACCESS to HbbTV
Published: 11.09 UTC January 6, 2011 by Julian Clover

Digital TV technology provider HyperPanel Lab is to include the ACCESS NetFront browser in its new HyperPanel HbbTV deployment. HyperPanel HbbTV provides manufacturers of set-top boxes (STBs) and integrated TVs with ready made HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) solutions that enable a wide range of Internet-based services for satellite, terrestrial and cable.

HyperPanel has been integrated the NetFront Browser DTV Profile HbbTV Edition with HyperPanel Lab’s Vmos embedded operating system to create a solution that supports the presentation of web pages and services using broadcast and broadband connections. HbbTV is the popular choice for integrating broadcast and broadband content in the French and German markets, though its influence is increasingly being felt elsewhere.

“We chose ACCESS’ NetFront Browser DTV Profile HbbTV Edition to power HyperPanel HbbTV because it provides high functionality while requiring minimal resources, making it ideally optimized for embedded environments,” said Laoreato Santonastasi, CEO of HyperPanel Lab. “This optimisation means that our ACCESS-powered solutions deliver the functionality and flexibility to meet future customer and consumer requirements for HbbTV services. This is an important development, as it helps HyperPanel Lab meet its goals of providing manufacturers of STBs and integrated TVs with the best in advanced TV solutions.”

Hyperpanel has previously worked with Philips, N.DS, Canal+, Echostar, Pace and Strong, amongst others.