Nova launches new video portal
Published: July 1, 2011, 21:15 TODAY! | Author: editor

TV Nova has prepared for the Czech internet users an extraordinary gift of a new video portal Users will be able to watch it live broadcasting of TV Nova, sports and a wide range of film titles. For a fee, viewers will be able to play ahead of episodes of your favorite series, which is on the TV screen for several days, and any film from a wide range.

There will also archive all the shows, TV Nova is selected foreign serials.

Just today launched a new online TV service, Nova Under this brand new video portal is hidden, which offers a plethora of various users of professional video content through a series of films to live shows. The portal is divided into two main parts:

Voyou and voyou +

Unlike previous service on the archive pages service users will be able voyou watch live broadcasting of TV Nova (ie all his own work, including major news programs) as well as live broadcasts of sports matches, concerts, etc. There will also archive in which find records of all TV programs Nova and selected foreign serials, they will gradually increase. Every user who sees a episode of their favorite series in a new archive will automatically be offered the chance to see the next part of the fee, which will be included in television broadcasts for several days.

Visitors will also be able to choose from a wide range of film titles, prepared in collaboration with a number of distribution companies. However, it is part voyou +.

Under voyou + a fee, users will play as an episode of Surgery in the rose garden 2 a week before it appears on screen, or you can enjoy your favorite movie or series on such leave.

Of the several dozen films, visitors will be able to select sites such as film hits:

Slumdog Millionaire



Country Teacher

Green Hell

Kawasaki Rose

Films and serial episodes viewers can play directly in your browser will quickly can also save it to your computer and play them later. To play no registration required, but for registered users will be prepared by a variety of benefits such as frequent flyer program, or a lower price for the play.

Source: Nova