BBC Entertainment on the 66th, the 82nd BBC C +

2011-01-07 2:22:50 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-01-07 5:17:43 p.m.
Source: Rappelz Forum / hubertikus
The new PLUS + Magazine January / February 2011 satellite platform CYFRA + was informed that the channel BBC Entertainment , which will be attached to the operator's offer on February 1 this year., will be available on k. 66th in the EPG CYFRA + packages KOMPAKT, KOMPAKT HD, OPTIMUM, OPTIMUM HD and HD + PRESTIGE. However, channel BBC Knowledge (also from 1 February) will be available on k. 82nd in the EPG CYFRA + packages OPTIMUM, OPTIMUM and prestige HD HD +.

Recall that in November 2010, the Platform CYFRA + signed a distribution agreement with the company BBC Worldwide Channels . Thanks to her since 1 February 2011 subscribers will have access to the platform channel BBC Knowledge and BBC Entertainment , which will join the BBC HD present in the operator's offer since June 2010.