13E: From January 17 on a new X-ray TV tp.

2011-01-07 9:40:27 p.m. / Raphael Olchowik
Last updated: 2011-01-08 3:37:10 p.m.
Source: X-ray TV
Russian travel channel documentary- Russian Travel Guide TV (RTG TV) on January 20 will end broadcasting on satellite HOT BIRD 6 (13E) , on the tp. 125 (11.013 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC: 3 / 4; DVB-S/QPSK), which is operated by the operator of the Israeli RRSat . Three days earlier, ie January 17 , the channel will be launched on the satellite Hot Bird 8 (13E) , the capacity of the operator GlobeCast - tp. 84 (12.380 GHz, pol. V, SR 27500, FEC: 3 / 4; DVB-S/QPSK).

Sender channel to inform the planned changes via its website. At the same time provide viewers sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused and hope for fruitful cooperation and mutual understanding.

X-ray TV broadcasts and travel documentaries showing the most beautiful places in Russia, Russian art and culture, indigenous traditions and the lives of ordinary Russians. Most of the materials come from domestic production. Channel broadcasts in two languages - Russian and English. The owner of the project is the media company BridgeMedia , which still produces music channel featuring music videos European Bridge, TV and TV RuSong of Russian music.

Website rtgtv.ru

From the author:

The reason for the modification of parameters X-ray TV is a need for a total exemption tp. 125. Perhaps in a few days transponder will be submitted for testing to another operator. This may occur after January 20 .

I would add that almost the entire contents of tp. 125 on January 2 copied to tp. 134 (11.200 GHz, pol. V, SR 27500, FEC: 5 / 6; DVB-S/QPSK), including the channel X-ray TV . Transfer Station from here of course is complete.

It is also to use tp. 123 (10.971 GHz, pol. H), which also belonged to RRSat . Are currently underway to test the HD broadcast standard DVB-S2 8PSK modulation and with SR 29700 and FEC 2 / 3.

Many times you can be sure that the rental transponder at the orbital position 13E has no major problems and despite a lack of capacity. Any such action shall be taken at the expense of FTA broadcasters and consumers, who must keep up to date information and frequently update their list channels in the receivers, otherwise you will lose access to many items of software.