Digi TV : End of the spread of HBO, HBO2, HBO and Cinemax Comedy
Digi Czech Republic, Ltd., a provider of satellite pay-TV Digi TV in the Czech Republic, as the program menu. From Tuesday, January 11, 2011 cease providing premium movie channels, HBO Czech Republic - HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy and Cinemax. Change involving the termination of distribution is now reported only in the Czech Republic.

The official website has already appeared cz.digi.tv information and reasons to stop the redistribution of HBO and Cinemax in the Czech Republic:

" We regret to announce that on January 11, 2011 is the platform Digi TV in the Czech Republic to the end of redistribution programs, HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy and Cinemax. The reason for this change are unacceptable financial demands of the licensor, which would damaging our society and especially you, our customers, an unacceptable increase in retail prices . "

" We understand that our pace and we keep their attention.
Customers affected by this change are of course changes notified by letter.
If in the future should be an agreement to relaunch a retransmission of such channels, the package will clients according to the data in our database reactivated again . "

HBO and Cinemax are in from the menu Digi TV as a premium channel. After the closure of these stations will be a platform in the Czech Republic to provide a basic package of 52 programs, still the same price.