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Thread: Modern_Stone2_XD for CVS-Images

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    Modern_Stone2_XD for CVS-Images

    Modern_Stone2_XD for CVS-Images


    So here you took the first "public" trial of the new skins Modern_Stone2_XD "
    this is a new development (XD-resolution) of the old "Gemini_stone2_modern" from the
    Last Gemini images.

    This skin is the first time only for CVS images so there is no mods of encryption, etc.
    the GP3 extensions are not included or extra-skinned.

    This is the version from this workshop: Workshop - Create the CVS Skin "Step by Step" for dummies

    For GP3 enhancements coming later one extra workshop

    So here, please no requests for such things have no place in a CVS Skin nothing. !

    Since this skin was made on a DM800se, I do not like this example at a
    7025 acts. My DM800se Although I have a SCART cable to an old CRT TV
    with a 36cm diagonal picture attached, and some parts were skinned on my DM8000.

    But since I am not a professional in the skinning can still improve or forget
    important screens and other bugs are reported.

    So, at first is "Public Beta Test"

    If you're of the opinion that he has come in order, will I be this version or
    then the improved version on the sometimes DMM forum post in order to experience the reactions

    The preview is still directly got from the Gemini image, and the IPKG file I created directly on the DM800se, have so forgiving if something is not quite what OKay

    So have fun with the skin or not ...
    Thx to EgLe
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