PKT mod Tideglo rev 1.0.3 91/900/910/9000HD

- fixed "tvguide" plugin, it is running again
- fixed Subtitles during live TV
- fixed some bugs during playback
- fixed Network setup crash
- fixed ffw and rev buttons on Mediaplayer
- fixed IP getting through DHCP
- fixed a bug on getting properly the DNS
- applied run level boot system (so now we will have a better unix like system)
- fixed 100hd RCU keymap
- Fixed GS when Teletext is invoked an no tuner is configured
- Certain video buffer strides cause video pipeline underflows
- CVBS Chroma voltage levels are too low
- some mkv compatibility fixes (MP2 audio, AAC and some other audio/sync compatibility)
- some subtitles (ass, srt) compatibility fixes
- fixed a bug during decoding on 720p channels
- fixed some bugs during decoding on 1080i channels
- fixed wss over scart for 4:3 and 16:9 channels
- fixed some HDMI and scart compatibilities with signals on some TVs
- fixed: if teletext crashes then you can quit with EXIT button (no more teletxt or power/standby button are used,
only exit button works to prevent from unwanted exits)
- fixed teletext output when division on screen is choosen
- fixed timeshift (now should work better)
- fixed button abc (1 and 2 key button on remote controller) when "all channels" selection box is running
- fixed DVDplayer crash when started with HD skins (it still crashes with HD skins on exit, i still don't know why )

- a user reported this bug: "please check the DVB-C tuner driver. There is a small bug.
I'am not the only one with this problem and its not an Signal Problem. Sometimes after switchin the cahnnel there comes the Message Tuning failed but after 5-15 Seconds the picture come.
I know there are not many people how use Dvb-C but in Germany are many peoble have this problem. It seams that the cpu is overload when i switch one some transponders."
Please test and report if it's ok or not (i can't test dvb-c). Thanks.

USB SATA VERSION 91/900/910/9000HD