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Thread: Skins Fixate to Sif and extreme-edition VU + Dreambox

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    Skins Fixate to Sif and extreme-edition VU + Dreambox

    Hello everyone, I open this thread where you attach the skin As I'm fixando, panel find the Dream-concinnity that is already in place and the HD-Allien I had placed the limit let me know if these two still have problems.
    The first is that I enclose the Blue Full Rhianna, since SD is a skin made me so damn long if you have any problems let me know that the system immediately.
    In the settings for A / V remember to set the settings as well as attaching them together with the skin when you were using a CRT TV otherwise if installed on an LCD TV connected to the decoder which SCART you just change the ratio D 'APPEARANCE setting it to "16:9" and set:

    Show content I> 16:9 = SCALAR ONLY AS

    Clearly if you use the skin on a LCD TV connected to HDMI are good that you would normally use the usual settings.

    I state that this skin 's I have tested plugging in a LCD TV to the decoder scart but I could not do it on a CRT TV then, I repeat, if you have problems tell me now, it' s important that you followed the directions given. To install it clearly, waiting to be put online once been some feedback, downloaded, put it in / tmp then: BLUE BUTTON-MANAGER-INSTALL SOFTWARE FROM FILE and select and install the skin.
    'S only little problem that I resolved I think the media scanner for which I will see what I can do but it's a minor problem. Not everything has been skinned as possible because it would be an infinite work so be patient if you will install some plugin maybe that will not be achieved at the limit we will see what can be done.

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