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Thread: Change Password Dreambox

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    Change Password Dreambox

    There are several ways to change my brothers Password Dreambox

    But on the whole complex and difficult

    Especially for novices

    So I thought I should put my hands between my brothers this program

    Which contains several properties

    But we will address for the property and a single one

    And of:

    Change Password Dreambox with one click

    This program is:


    After downloading open the program and do the following:

    - Go to the settings: CONFIG

    - We write IP Dreambox

    - Login name for the root Dream

    - Password Dreambox current and often dreambox

    - Then we have to recognize the conservation program on the Dreambox

    Then we come to change the Password:

    - Write Password icon in the new allocated to it

    - Reaffirm the new Password

    - And we change Password

    And the illustration of the process

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    Re: Change Password Dreambox

    Is this programs only purpose to change the login usr/psw? ..or does it have any other features? looking interesting.

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