Irdeto CA gains SARFT approval
Published: 10.26 UTC, January 11, 2011 by Julian Clover

Irdeto has become the first foreign CA manufacturer in China to receive approval from SARFT (State Administration for Radio Film and Television). The Class A SARFT certification mandates increased levels of reliability, security and scalability for conditional access systems.

SARFT’s CA specification was originally defined in June 2003 and has recently been updated to reflect technology advances, increases in subscriber numbers and the impact of digital television services. The new version also raises the requirements for the support of simulcrypt and common interface.

Graham Kill, CEO of Irdeto, who is part-based in China said he was proud Irdeto had become the first foreign company to meet SARFT’s demanding standards. “Aligning with these guidelines, which is a precursor for device convergence and the migration toward digital TV, is yet another demonstration of our commitment to the Chinese market that is reaching new heights every year.”

Irdeto has split its headquarters between Amsterdam and Beijing. It works across software and hardware-based solutions.