The tender for the construction of the satellite KazSat-3

2011-01-11 4:45:10 p.m. / Raphael Olchowik
Last updated: 2011-01-11 5:53:07 p.m.
Kazakh National Space Agency KazKosmos announced an international tender for design and construction of a third satellite communications satellite KazSat-3 . We plan to create a third series of satellite KazSat, which will be made on the basis of announced international tender. Tender companies are interested in from France, Germany, Japan, Russia, USA, Israel and India , informs KazKosmos .

Satellites KazSat Kazakhstan are designed to allow entry into the global level in the provision of telecommunications services for which demand is increasing all the time.

First Kazakh satellite KazSat-1 into space, was launched 18 June 2006 year from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. June 8, 2008 due to failure of the management system, the satellite stopped its work. Then KazKosmos partially correct the problem, but later officially announced the loss of the satellite. KazSat-1 was designed and built by Russian companies Khrunichev Space Center . The launch satellites into orbit KazSat-2 is planned in the first quarter of 2011.