Euronews announces expansion plans
12 Jan 11 -

International news channel Euronews plans to open 11 news bureaus across the world this year, CEO Philippe Cayla has announced.

Building on its presence in Brussels, Cairo and Doha, the broadcaster will establish permanent bureaus in London, Paris and Kyiv. It will also open bureaus in Istanbul, Dubai, Washington and Beijing, with Tel Aviv and Astana to follow in 2012. Euronews will add Ukrainian to the list of languages in which it broadcasts on August 24, taking its total number of languages to 11.

Euronews also plans to reinforce its partnerships with YouTube and Dailymotion, and will launch a Eurnonews Live application on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It will also launch an internet radio service as well as a service for large-screen displays in railway stations and airports. Other plans include an airline service in partnership with Air France and a connected TV service in partnership with Panasonic. The broadcaster has also launched a user-generated content feature called MyNoComment via its existing NoCommentTV app for iPhone, and has teamed up with Google to distribute a weekly show called Trends based on popular keywords entered into the Google search engine.

The broadcaster also plans to shake up its programming, traditionally based on a presenter-free video-only format, with more live interviews and greater visibility of presenters.