n: multiroom HD for all subscribers and the Orange Free

2011-01-12 10:59:34 / Anita Dąbek / Janusz Sulisz
Last updated: 2011-01-12 3:22:12 p.m.
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From 1912 to 1919 January. "n" platform has been working to improve the Customer Service System . It will result in services being offered nMultiroom HD television and existing subscribers n, and the purchase of services enabling mobile Internet access Orange Free . Recall that, so far with Multiroom HD service can only benefit new customers, has signed an agreement with the operator. The standard monthly fee for service is 20 zł .

For more information about services nMultiroom website: http://n.pl/nmultiroom_hd.html

Communication platform for customers n:

Dear Customer,

Your satisfaction with our services is our priority. So on Jan. 1912-1919. planning work aimed at improving customer service system . We assure you that these actions will not affect the reception of television channels.

Please be reminded that the standard PIN code on your decoder is 1234 .

We will make every effort to ensure that the process of modernization was the least onerous, but we note that there may be temporary difficulties in making modifications of offers from which you are currently using.

If you plan to change under your offer, please make them before the 12 January 2011 subscribers who are considering the request nSeriale collection, a collection of Picture Box, a collection FunVOD and additional options and packages , please make activated before 12 January. Subsequent orders will be made after 19 January.

Those of you who use VOD rental deals assure that the implementation of the orders placed before 12 January. modernization of Client Service System will not be affected.

Please note that, on 12-19.01.2011, in the case of emerging constraints resulting from the modernization of Client Service System, any changes can be made by letter . Letters should be sent to:

Customer Service
Ul. Joseph Conrad's 1937
31-357 Krakow

The contents of the letter, please indicate that the change relates to alter product offerings due to limitations in the availability of Customer Service System. The date of the declaration will take the offer to modify the date of dispatch of the letter in the post office.

Possible limitations of the System Time Customer Service may change , as we will keep up to date on our website http://www.n.pl .

Thank you for your understanding and we believe that positively evaluate a change made for you.

Chris Lavoie

Director of Customer Relationship Management
ITI Neovision Sp. z oo