Nova TV increases its support of Czech cinematography
Released: January 13, 2011, 13:28 Yesterday | Author: editor

TV Nova is ready to contribute to a much greater extent than hitherto on the development of the Czech film industry, once the money from the advertising market will return only to private broadcasters. This follows from statements by the Director General of TV Nova Andruška John, who now will discuss this issue with legislators in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic.

As CEO of the most watched TV in the Czech Republic and also a major supporter of the Czech film I consider it necessary to formulate a clear position on the financing of TV Nova Czech cinematography and its further development.

Consider to be overturned at this point the public debate about whether to support the development of Czech film from funds received from advertising on Czech television, which should be preserved even after the completion of the transition to terrestrial digital television broadcasting. The decision to end advertising on Czech Television legislators were done years ago and was duly enshrined by law. At present, we see no reason why the discussion on this topic again opened. Funds raised from the ads would also serve to support the Czech film, but not through a non-system through a redistribution of Czech Television, which is majority funded by license fees. Despite the fact that financial resources in support of Czech film is only a small portion of total advertising revenues of the Czech Television. In the context of discussions on the conservation of ads on CT is CET 21 ready to open a discussion on participation in the financing of Czech film and television production, starting by direct participation in the financing of the State Fund for Support and Development of Czech Cinematography, or indirectly by financing projects Czech Film and Television.

TV Nova is ready to significantly increase its share of funding and promotion of Czech cinematography and wants to be an even greater extent than was previously involved in the creation of new Czech films and contribute to the cultivation of the national film heritage. We are ready to further develop our activities in the field of film industry and allow the emergence of other film-related works such as those on which we have participated in the past, whether it was a unique documentary Citizen Havel, directed by Paul Koutecký and Miroslav Janek, I Served the King of England, which in by Bohumil Hrabal, Jiří Menzel, Jan Sverak successful film Empties, which won three Czech Lions and became the second most popular film in the history of the Czech Republic, or Kawasaki Hřebejk John Rose, who scored the Berlinale, and many others.

I am confident that members would rather have this moment to discuss how the use of Czech Television voluminous amount of money from license fees and whether it does in the spirit of its public services, particularly when all forms of public television channels together accounted for about 20% the audience.

We are ready to work closely with legislators and expand financial support of Czech cinematography. We want to make a crucial time in the unimaginable step of Czech film. But expect responsiveness from the state. We comply with the agreement and confirmed by means of the advertising market will return to the commercial sector. A Czech film to ensure a stable financial and media support.

John Andruško, General Director of TV Nova

Source: Nova