Sport1 and Sport2 exclusively with the World Men's Handball
Released: January 13, 2011, 16:46 Yesterday | Author: editor

Hard fights, lightning releases and team play, not only can the Slovak team Thursday 13 January monitored exclusively by Czech and Slovak TV viewers and Sport1 Sport2 during the World Championships in men's handball in Sweden. Only stations Sport1 bring fans live all matches Slovak team.

Including those matches odvysílají TV Sport1 Sport2 and a total of 25 live broadcasts attractive fights, including the final on Sunday 30 January.

Television sent to Sweden two experienced commentators. " Czech-Slovak duo of Jan and John Little Hen Hianík mediated events during interviews with the coaches and the fans will share the background information obtained on-site events , "said Vaclav Mozer, Senior Marketing & PR Manager in Chello Central Europe, which operates Sport1 channels and Sport2.

" We are proud that our company has just obtained the exclusive rights to broadcast the prestigious championship , "said Maggie Fabík, Country Manager, Chello Central Europe.

Match host Sweden and Chile launches on TV SPORTS handball marathon in January. The Sports Channel 1 and Sport 2 viewers will see live matches and a total of 25 Needless to add that we have selected the most important and interesting.

The first match of Slovak team who will play in Poland, you can track this Friday from 20 hours on the first station SPORT Both teams have each other to measure their strength last week in the New Year Cup in Gdynia, the Polish team, which currently is one of the strongest national formations, with an overview of triumph. In this group, besides the Poles probably the most serious rival Swedish handball players who are playing at home, and South Korea, which even by its rivals prepared not only unpleasant surprise. But with the Chilean and Argentine representation would Slovak Guard, relying on the legionnaires and players Tatran Presov, was relatively easy to deal with.

Slovakia, which participate in the championship fought victory in the qualifying match against Ukraine to participate in the World Cup for the second time, and if he, as well as two years ago, again managed to occupy the tenth place, it would be the team captain Štochl nice performance. Teams are forwarded from Group D, likely to reach the next round of the chance to experience Croatia, Denmark, Serbia, because it is generally favored the leading trio group C.

The championship hopes he can do nejoprávněnější France, Sweden, but with the advantage of home soil, close to Denmark, which is also almost home, and Croatia has always been strong, may at any time prior expectations unexpectedly reversed. For Slovak handball players may be the real purpose of the first group stage.

Sport TV broadcasts of the World Championships held from 13 30 January total of 25 games, which means that the handball lovers can watch live matches only Slovak national team, but the all important encounter.

The Slovak Television is available to customers Sport1 UPC, UPC Direct , Digi TV , Skylink , Magic TV, Satra and other providers. In the Czech Republic it can make people using UPC, UPC Direct , Digi TV , Skylink , CS Link , O2 TV and more. Sports Station 2 is the Slovak Republic is available to customers above the UPC, UPC Direct , CS Link , or Satra, the Czech Republic in the UPC, UPC Direct , O2 TV, CS Link , and others. Cable and satellite television and Sport1 Sport2 operates in the Czech and Slovak International Chello Central Europe.

Source: Sports TV