February 4 Green Day concert at CANAL +

2011-01-12 5:13:18 p.m. / Janusz Sulisz
Last updated: 2011-01-12 5:54:15 p.m.
Source: CANAL +
CANAL + has prepared a nice surprise for fans of punk rock band Green Day . Already in February. broadcast the concert , "Live from the Fox Theatre," registered 15 April 2009 in Oakland, Calif., during the last tour the band promoting the album "21st Century Breakdown . Emissions in the CANAL + on Friday, Feb. 4 .

The concert , "Live from the Fox Theatre," is above all the new songs the band from the ninth studio album. You will hear such The title "21st Century Breakdown" , "Know Your Enemy" , "Last of the American Girls" and "21 Guns" .

It is worth noting that the group Green Day's music market has existed for 20 years. Despite this experience Billie'mu Joe, Mike and Tré Cool'owi Dirnt'owi no shortage of enthusiasm, and their concerts are almost musical show, filled with incredible energy.

Issue of the concert, "Live from the Fox Theatre," Green Day on CANAL + on Friday, February 4. the chair. 21:00 .

The concert could be seen already include in the German station 3Sat . The following excerpt from a concert promoting the album "21st Century Breakdown."