Galaxy 15 , called for a long time before the satellite "zombie" , was included in the official fleet of Intelsat , and soon begins to generate revenue. It is possible that will provide longer service 31 January 2011 Tobias Nassif, vice president of operations and engineering in the Intels, said that all this time the satellite worked properly, but was not able to respond to signals from Earth, making it useless . He confirmed that the satellite is now fully operational , and the expected time elapses until 2022,

The satellite was brought under control on Christmas Eve, 24 December 2010 has since led Intelsat's detailed control system, and after 3 days, 27 Dec. satellite brought back to "normal" mode. Tests will be conducted on the orbital position of 93W , where the satellite is moving. Then, Galaxy 15 will be placed in the position 129W or 133W . The final target position will be confirmed by Intelsat soon, but right now the satellite is part of the operating fleet operator.

Galaxy 15 at its uncontrolled drift passed 15 other satellites and has repeatedly led to a rapid heartbeat Intelsat both engineers and operators of satellites which have passed. But the skilful control of ground yielded positive results, and nothing bad happened - there was no disruption of services provided by the satellite passed. What, indeed, close cooperation between Intelsat and operators such as SES WORLD SKIES Satmex and Telesat , in itself was a lesson for the entire satellite industry, while the engineers have the opportunity to acquire many new skills. Nassif told reporters that the whole process spent "thousands of hours of work."

In addition, over the last nearly nine months the satellite manufacturer, Orbital Sciences Corporation , has made some improvements in the software for the other satellites of its output. This means that in the future if a similar situation occurred, a number of procedures would be much easier and faster to implement.

Since there is a problem with the Galaxy 15 satellite, Orbital Sciences Corporation engineers have identified 120 probable causes of the failures . At the moment, it was reduced to just 2 The final report will appear in February 2011, the most likely cause, according to Intelsat, a solar flare, which generated a large amount of energy.

One would like to be called to restore the satellite Galaxy 15 miracle, but really it's only thanks to talented people who have sacrificed thousands of hours on this task.

Author: Anita Dabek