Czech TV launches digital gap fillers Svitavy
Released: January 14, 2011, 11:24 Yesterday | Author: editor

Czech Television at 13 1st 2011 launched a digital repeater Svitavy - Stone Bitter. Czech Television has strengthened its network to a digital terrestrial broadcasting for other low power transmitter. Digital repeater Svitavy - Stone Bitter spread multiple public services on the 29th channel . The signal covers Svitavy and its vicinity. Came into regular operation on Thursday 13 January 2011 afternoon.

Following the rollout of digital repeater Stone Hůrce Czech analog TV shuts down high-power transmitter CT2 Svitavy - Stone Bitter and also 9-dependent CT2 analog converters (ie, analog gap fillers, which use signals from transmitters Svitavy CT2 as its source: CT2 Birch Svitavou K43, K38 Bystřec CT2, CT2 Czech Trebova K32, K56 Cermna Upper CT2, CT2 Jablonne Orlici of K44, K31 Kunvald CT2, CT2 Olesnice K43, K60 and Petrov CT2 CT2 Vítějeves K48). All these analog transmitters will be switched off on Monday 31 January 2011, before turning off the broadcast of October marked the pictogram and text strip since November.

Czech television spreading its digital terrestrial broadcasting ( DVB-T ) through a network, which itself operates. In the public service multiplex audiences are programs available CT1, CT2, CT24 news and sports CT4 in digital quality, digital additional services such as Electronic Program Guide EPG, and Czech Radio stations. Achieved by a network of the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTO) from the end of September 2010 covering 99.9% population of the Czech Republic.

Digital terrestrial broadcasting can be received by the set-top box or digital TV with DVB-T tuner. Necessary is also undamaged, properly directed fixed outdoor antenna (sufficient room only in exceptional cases) and leakage from the corresponding antenna, coaxial cable neponičeného. The fundamental issue may be causing poor signal amplifier or splitter. Is absolutely necessary to change the vast majority of expert systems, common TV antenna (STA) in residential buildings.

Source: Television