Television is launching the next wave of searching for new taxpayers
Released: January 14, 2011, 21:56 Yesterday | Author: editor

Czech television in those days, began sending letters to households, which generated a database comparing the energy with a log of TV money. It is about 75,000 households are contacted with a request to clarify whether, in relation to the obligation to pay the TV license fee, there were some changes that are not yet in the database of registered taxpayers.

Addressing the four-week run in waves for about 20 thousands. The letter is written as an informational courtesy call (see annex). Households may respond to the questionnaire and send it back by completing the website. It is therefore necessary to make calls anywhere. Information obtained from the households used to refine the database and obtain new taxpayers who have not yet registered.

Since 2007, it is already the fourth event in cooperation with energy companies.

List of past events according to data power suppliers

2007 - reaching about 85 thousand. households according to data for

2008 - reaching about 45 thousand. households according to data EON

2009 - reaching about 90 thousand. households according to data via

Based on the information database has been cleared from inaccurate or obsolete data, but had registered 45,000 new taxpayers. Czech Television usually gets the following reactions:

- Approached the registered taxpayer who did not report a change of address, name, or who died

- TV is not addressed, eventually. is exempt from payment of registration is invalid or energy

- Addressed logs as a new taxpayer

Usually responds to the call about half of the respondents. Those who fail to answer, are again invited to meet their obligations under the Act. Unwillingness of respondents to communicate is the most common reason for misunderstandings that may arise if the database is updated taxpayers.

Politely worded invitation contains information about the current program menu, the Czech Television offers information on current legislation and a brief questionnaire to clarify the registration of the taxpayer. The call is also information on payment channels, which taxpayers can use. " Home is valid (as a TV receiver), a TV license fee, regardless of the number of properties and transient or permanent addresses. Television fee can be paid through the mail over the Czech SIPO. Alternatively, you can register as a direct taxpayer CT website where the form (available on request can be sent by mail) and pay television fee directly to a CT . "

Source: Television