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Thread: Gigant Update for Vuo+Duo

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    Gigant Update for Vuo+Duo

    Gigant Update 15/01/2011

    - New rudders: 14/1/2011 (fixed function PiP)
    - New Polish translation: the state 01/15/1911
    - new list dreamnetcast: 440 Polish radio stations - as of 01/15/1911
    - Fixed Polish characters in the standard font

    Archive copy it to / tmp and install the giant panel

    Warning! Before you upgrade, back up the system: the giant anel, Backup, backup from flash

    Gemini Update:

    - GP3 Blue Panel, Add-ons, Plug-Gemini, geminiplugin, ok, green
    - after the update to run gemini giant patch panel, patch

    Gracias a Webkurier
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