Dahlia staff and card holders wait for news
Published: 09.36 UTC, January 18, 2011 by Julian Clover

Italian’s terrestrial pay operation Dahlia TV remains on the air while the company awaits news from its administrators. Last week liquidators were called to the company, owned by the Swedish concern Airplus TV, itself backed by the wealthy Wallenberg family.

The continuation of the broadcasts were confirmed by one of Dahlia TV’s creditors, Filippo Chiusano, CEO of Filmmaster Television, which produces Dahlia’s football coverage.

In a statement Chiusano thanked staff for the serious and responsible attitude they had taken on behalf of Dahlia TV subscribers and fans of the Serie A and Serie B teams broadcast on the platform.

Meanwhile the consumer body ADOC (Associazione per la difesa e l’orientamento dei consumatori) ask the liquidator to allow subscribers to cancel their subscriptions and receive a refund on any unused portion. “We appreciate the willingness of Dahlia TV to protect its subscribers, ensuring that regular programming continues, but given the uncertainty related to the company, we ask the liquidator to consider the possibility for the more than 300 thousand subscribers to cancel their contracts and receive a refund of what has been paid so far,” said ADOC President Carlo Pileri.

Such a procedure may not be possible for everyone, given the pre-paid, contract-free, nature of some of the transactions.