Thematic channels boom in Poland
Published: 10.24 UTC, January 19, 2011 by Chris Dziadul

Thematic channels are becoming increasingly popular in Poland and could account for up to a fifth of all TV ad spend this year.

According to the findings of a report by Starlink quoted in Gazeta Prawna, thematic channel ad spend in the first three quarters of 2010 grew by 44%, while that for mainstream services rose by only 3.8%.

At the same time, thematic channelsí share of the total TV ad pie rose from 12% to 16% and could this year increase to 20%.

Meanwhile another study, undertaken by Gfk Polonia on behalf of At Media, has found that advertising on thematic channels is watched by 50% of viewers, while that on mainstream TV services by only 27%.

At Media is the leading ad sales house for thematic media in Poland, with over 50 channels in its portfolio.