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    'video preview' is a patch of the live preview makes the movie list. It is only a patch file: the
    Video preview is skin independent. The movie, depending on the skin, either in the preview window (for skins with PIG) or in the background (with transparent skins) played.
    After installation, the movie list gets a new menu entry: 'Show video preview'. Once activated, the cursor just below the movie is, is playing in the background or Voschaufenster.

    I have tested on OoZooN ICVS, Experimental and Merlin.

    There are two versions:
    - one for OoZooN ICVS and Experimental
    - and one for Merlin.

    The is overwritten after E2 updates. In this case, simply install the new video preview.

    To install the video preview-Patcher:
    the ipk-file copy from the notes on / tmp: ipkg install / tmp / video preview *. ipk
    or with a file manager like Dream-expolorer.

    To uninstall the video preview-Patcher:
    -telnet: restart ipkg remove video preview * and GUI.
    -uninstall or via the packet manager: 'video preview-for-OoZooN-ICVS-experimental'
    When you uninstall the secured is restored.

    Where the thing is:
    I have (with difficulty) by an ancient Ronaldd-patched backup files dug out, the patch together and at the present E2 adjusted.

    And as always: unofficial

    Thx to pasurimi

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