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Thread: help with matrix+funseca

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    Question help with matrix+funseca

    i have a tm7755 box + matrix reloaded cam ,have just progged fun4 card with latest seca files but when i put cam in box just comes up iniatilizing and seen cam has nagra boxkey how do i fix this .the box is patched so if i prog another funcard with viacces files will i get any more channels.thanks inadvance 4 help cheers.....

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    Question Re: help with matrix+funseca

    hello dear friend !!!
    please, tell us what do you realy want ???!!!!

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    Unhappy Re: help with matrix+funseca

    what i want is to veiw seca channels ,,i have progged card but cam keeps initializing can some one help me with what i am doing wrong ,,,,please keep it easy as iam confused now thanks......

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