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Thread: [TUTO] Create bootlogo E2

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    [TUTO] Create bootlogo E2

    How create the bootlogo
    The bootlogo must be made from a JPEG image 1280x720

    1. Download the attached TMPGEnc.
    2. Unzip the file to your chosen destination.
    3. Double click the TPMGEnc.exe MPEG Encoder file and click OK on the small pop up window.
    Then click Cancel on the Project Wizard (1/5) window that appears.
    4. Next screen, bottom right Stream type, check the box ES (Video only).
    5. Next, bottom left Video source: click on Browse and select the background/photo that you want as your new logo.
    6. Click browse where its says output file name. In the next change the file type to All files, browse to where you want to save your bootlogo and save it as bootlogo.mvi
    7. Click start.

    Thats all folks
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