Warning about fake news about Duolabs

Warning about fake news about Duolabs.
This is an official announcement by Duolabs.

We are posting this announcement to STOP a fake announcement done by a user called "Luca1997" spreading fake and completely unreal information about a stop of images release by Duolabs.

This is absolutely not true. Duolabs is keeping and will keep the support of its products called QBoxHD and QBoxHD mini together with other products still in production. We will have soon a new image and new support line as well for our users to be satisfied.

Duolabs is in willing to take legal actions against this "Luca1997" who is NOT part of Duolabs organization, he is the owner or supposed to be owner of d*vilcards.de
This user was warned many times in the past to quit his anti-Duolabs policy but seems like we are obliged now to leave the judgment to the court as those warnings have sorted no effect.

Any news regarding Duolabs is officially reported here in Duolabs Official Forum and not elsewhere in other official or pirate forums.

Duolabs Staff

Link http://www.duolabs.com/forumz/announcement.php?f=141