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Thread: Microbox x5

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    Microbox x5


    new dongol


    Working on w3

    The update method is similar to the dongol
    Micro Box ll
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    Re: Microbox x5

    Detailed Product Description TV: art nilesat, art hotbird,jsc nilesat and more

    1.satellite sharing: W3 ,Intelsat and Nss6,Asiasat 4
    --Fully DVB-S/MPEG-2 Compliant
    --950-2150 Mhz Input frequency
    --wide symobole rate 1~45Mbps
    --5000 channels TV&Radio
    --SCPC/MCPC reveivable from C/KU band satellite
    --DISEQC1.2,DISEQC 1.0, TONE (22KHZ) and LNB switching support
    --3 Operation modes(Digital TV, Digital Radio, Favorite)
    --Easy graphic menu interface
    --5 OSD color style
    --256 colors on screen display
    --10 channel RF out
    --PAL-NTSC auto-conversio
    --Up to 9 pictures on screen
    --Software upgrade via RS-232 serial port
    -- OTA (optional)
    --Arabic channel rename

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