Wonderful image with Algimni Version 4.70

Peace be upon you you Hedda amendment to a wonderful Algimni Version 4.70
The new amendment in the picture after a team stopped Algimni the possibility of downloading Aimohat Srfarh

With the possibility of sudden load Bluqin browsing through the Internet with Darmbucs
No problems
As you can see through the correct browser

VLC Web __

And the rest of the changes in this topic
- Do not change the boot image
- Add language into French and in English
- Merge CCcaminfo CCcam 2.2.1 and V1.1 in the first picture of oil away from the VAR
- Merge CCcaminfo CCcam 2.1.1 and V1.1 in the second raw image away from the VAR
- Change the original knife with a knife, a peak in the World of Black 2 Mod Marwen
- Merge Blegn Ecminfo away from the Var
- Merge Blegn Minicat Updater to update the key blade away from the Var
- Merge Blegn Nagrab away from the Var
- Enable Teletext
- Add Property DVR and on-line registration
- You can change the form of a list of channels, such as Humax clicking on the OK button, and then help
- Adding new servers up to date with new surprises
-Free space in the 84% VAR

In this topic and some photos

> Gemini 4.70 Skin Black 2 Emus Cccam 2.2.1 & Web_ Vlc Fixed By m@n.img <

> Gemini 4.70 Skin Black 2 Emus CCcam 2.1.1 & Web_ Vlc Fixed By m@n.img <