Modified only today
26/01/11 Nemesis 4.4 Samar6 knife after an official of these changes, make the beauty of a post-test answers to abandon hope you like

The most significant changes in the image

Lugo, the original boots in different
- Merge with VLC Mgcamd Emo-01: 35 correction seen in the browser and the Web X-TV
- Merge the Alcescam CCcam info for those who want to set up Emo
- Merge Blog Mgcamd information only to know the status of a link to the server
- Blog Signal Quality Merge
- Merge Blog Nagrab record
- Correct functioning Exclusive Blog Teletext
- Delete the original blade and the blade change Zino By Samar V6
Add - with the French language with English
- Also updated with the correct names SATELLITES Add a new file satellites.xml
- Help key with the possibility of changing the form of lists
- Add a file last updated knives password

- The remaining 82%

This image may be passed or DreamUP Flashwisard

Some pictures

Nemesis v4.4 Skin Samar by six Mgcamd 01:35 M@N.img

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