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Thread: New Gemini4.70 BASIC SKIN_ Cccam2.2.1 & Web-X-TV Fixed By Abdssamad

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    New Gemini4.70 BASIC SKIN_ Cccam2.2.1 & Web-X-TV Fixed By Abdssamad

    New Gemini4.70 BASIC SKIN_ Cccam2.2.1 & Web-X-TV Fixed By Abdssamad

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God

    Exclusively on Star Times and on the occasion of the new section offer you the most powerful image Gemini 4.70 with a knife BASIC SKIN this amendment all over the picture to find forum name and logo of the department and name of course and the new in this work is to allow viewing through the browser webinterface and through VLC and Web-X-TV after you amendment on the image and you can install the latest version of VLC on the computer without adjust its settings.

    Date of issuance of photo 31/01/2011

    Amendments and additions that you made in the image

    1-Zapstream VLC and Web-X-tv Fixed to see through the browser

    Note You can see some of the HD channels and channels such as Al Jazeera nova

    2 - change the image of the original take-off wonderfully with the slogan Section

    3 - Add Arabic language along with English language with other languages available for download from the server's

    4-screenshot Fixed

    5 - Merge CCcam 2.2.1 and CCcaminfo V1.1 is the first in the heart of crude away from the area of VAR

    6 - change the original knife knife BASIC SKIN swish and beautiful

    7 - Merge Blegn Ecminfo away from the area Var

    8 - merge Blegn HackSat Key to update the blades away from the area Var

    9 - Merge Blegn New Found Cleaner

    10 - Merge Bilgin Signal Quality

    Away from the area Var

    11 - Merge Bilgin Nagrab

    12 - update frequency and speed the search

    13 - add as many servers from the server after the cessation of Albni

    13 - add a property DVR for online registration

    14 - you can change the look of the menus of channels, such as a Humax clicking on the OK button and then help
    15 - enlarge the size of lines of the main menus with lines enlarge the size of channels

    16 - delete the files that others Zerorip Mnconha cause slow in the image and update the overall image to become the fastest and coolest

    17 - the remaining space VAR 84%

    Can be passed is by Dreamup or Flashwizard

    Now with pictures

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