Televisa to sell big stake in laSexta

Iñaki Ferreras | 31-01-2011

Mexican audiovisual giant Televisa is negotiating the sale of a 40% stake in Mediapro's national independent network laSexta.

According to 'El Confidencial Digital', the negotiations are being held with a Qatar company with negotiations held through a business bank. The operation is said to be facing some obstacles since the stake is very high and yet will still not allow the buyer to control laSexta.

The relationship between laSexta and Televisa begun five years ago when the former was launched. Since then the Mexican company has invested some €271.5 million in total, and all of laSexta's partners allocating some €650 million.

A big problem in laSexta's situation is the fact that Mediapro is facing financial trouble and can't put any money into the network.