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Thread: How to patch STR 620x

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    I have a Strong 6200 receiver, and i want to enter some keys to see encrypted channels.
    Probably i need to make some changes in the software before i can use keys, but i didn't find any tutorial for how to do this on my receiver.
    I'm a beginner in receivers but i hope i can make this alone with your help.
    Thanks in advice... and sorry for my english .

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    Re: How to patch STR 620x

    you need to install 1.80 software, then enable patch,menu 0000,menu9999
    go to menu,siteminformation 9999 and enter key or softcam.key make softcam.ssu and enter via usb.


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    Re: How to patch STR 620x

    Dit this work? Is it true that the firmware 1.87 and 1.88 won't work. Were can you find the1.80fp (patched)?

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