ENIGMA 2 for all Cuberevo-digital (old DGStation named) products:
- cuberevo-100hd
- cuberevo-mini-fta (cuberevo-200hd)
- cuberevo-250hd (ipbox-91hd)
- cuberevo-mini (ipbox-900hd)
- cuberevo-mini2 (ipbox-910hd, cuberevo-3000hd, madtek-3000hd)
- cuberevo-2000hd
- cuberevo-9500hd (cuberevo-7000hd)
- cuberevo (ipbox-9000hd rel1 and rel2)

Coder: Tideglo

First boot take a little bit much more than a normal boot, so wait until you can see the bandeau bar (the one with infos on current channel) on the tv screen.


release 1.1.1
- fixed the bug that causes crashing on enigma2 during pixellation/freeze (call it as you like)
- fixed network setup crashes with standard skin
- fixed green button-aspect ration function
- updated to 02/01/2011 enigma2 cvs
- fixed no audio on channel switch on few cases (i can't fully test this, so report if it happens again)
- fixed audio crop on some televisions (when you hear crop-crop-crop on channel switching)
- added support for AVS file codec
- many other fixes for better code and stability and to prevent crashes

I mad
e a full reset of the buglist (because of the new structure), so start thinking like the needs to report also old bugs if you find them again

Enjoy it! Tideglo

Cuberevo (9000HD)
Cuberevo 100HD
Cuberevo 200Hd
Cuberevo 250HD (91HD)
Cuberevo 2000HD
Cuberevo 9500HD (7000HD)
Cuberevo Mini (900HD)
Cuberevo Mini2 (3000HD-910HD)