I offer stable server from Baltic with 3 locals. 19.2e AustriaSat full, 13e rare Italian porn card Conto Tv with channel 1 and 2 every night from 23.00 to 07.00 GMT and Viasat Finland. Viasat Finland is temporary and how long i will have it i just donīt know it.

I look peers from central EU to Nordic. Not interested peers from Arabic country because ping is just too high. NO VPS, oscam proxy, CSP or PayServers accepted!

Looking only next local cards:

36e NTV+ with movie, sport can be with HD and kinoreiz too.
16e DigitAlb with movie, xxx and sport
13e Nova full
9e Platforma HD/DV full
7eDigiTurk cryptoworks full
4.8e Viasat Swe with Tv4 pack
1w Canal+ Finland with mtv3 kanavapaketti

Please send your line first.