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Thread: Error: Setting Authcode Failed?

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    Question Error: Setting Authcode Failed?


    i have working blue dragon but nova diconnect from 2 weeks

    i try to recharge it but apper this error

    setting Authcode failed

    i have windows 7
    dragonloader 1.1 and dragonloader 1.0

    i try to put loder and file in same folder(in D: or in C:) but bad luck

    any suggestion

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    Re: setting Authcode failed

    check the filename as it appears on the loader , has no quotation marks " "

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    Re: setting Authcode failed

    Quote Originally Posted by nickman9271 View Post
    check the filename as it appears on the loader , has no quotation marks " "
    thanks sir for replay

    but can you give example

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    Re: setting Authcode failed

    please use phoenix mode 3.68 it works

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