PLi @ Jade3 and a knife, Aimo Kingsizepersian8 2.2.1 and Mgc1.35a 02/07/2011

Peace be upon you dear brothers

Today I offer you adjust the image Pli @ Jade3 adapter with a knife in the hands of dear brother Marwan greetings to him and Boimo CNN and C-Cam Magic cam Mdmugen heart's hope you like it

Adjustments did you by

* Change the boot image in HD very beautiful

* Add Arabic language alongside French and English

* Add all of the following heart Aloimohat Emo's and Emo 2.2.1 Magic Cam in other Mgcam1.35a

* Change the original knife and a knife to start a dear brother Kingsize-persian8.1 Mod Marwen

* Add all of Alblajinz Cccam info

* Add Blajinz Ecminfo

* Added Start Ngrab recording

* Added CCcam PPanel

* To change the form of lists, such as Humax device by pressing the button and then ok HELP

* Use the button to register Help

Is passed through the Dream Dreamup or Flashwizard