Springer joins NDS recommendation programme
Published: 10.33 UTC, February 8, 2011 by Robert Briel

NDS has announced that Axel Springer Digital TV Guide have joined the NDS recommendations engine partner programme.

Through the programme, NDS will offer Axel Springer’s personalised video discovery and recommendation solution to its customers as a partner in recommendation engine based initiatives. It is the fourth company to join the programme.

Stephan Zech, managing director at Axel Springer Digital TV Guide GmbH, said in a statement: “Our reach in the German content market enables us to add great value in the field of content discovery for German pay-TV operators. With a solution that addresses the needs of both the operator and the viewer, we look forward to working with NDS to enrich the viewing experience”.

“Aiding content discovery is a key element for increasing ARPU and reducing churn on pay-TV platforms. With the incorporation of a recommendations service, based on viewer preferences and viewing history, operators are enabled with a powerful tool to maintain subscribers and increase the relevance of their viewing.” said Yves Padrines, VP sales Europe and general manager NDS GmbH. He added “Axel Springer provide a great opportunity for added value content discovery in the German market, with existing access to a wealth of programming information; they are a welcome addition to the recommendations engine partner programme.”