Russian TV ad trends uncovered
Published: 11.03 UTC, February 8, 2011 by Chris Dziadul

Although Russia’s leading broadcaster Channel One continues to derive more in advertising revenues than any of its rivals, some smaller stations are monetising their audiences more effectively.

According to research undertaken by Kvendi RusMediaAudit for Kommersant, Channel One made R22.9 billion (€574.6 million) from advertising last year.

However, in terms of GRP, which reflects the number of viewers who watch a standard 30-second ad spot, stations such as TNT, Muz TV and CTC were more effective at delivering audiences.

After Channel One, the next highest earners of TV ad revenue in 2010 were the Gazprom-Media stations NTV and TNT, with R26.6 billion.

Kvendi RusMediaAudit says total ad spend for federal stations in Russia last year amounted to R100.7 billion. Total TV spend, according to Video International (VI), was R130 billion.