image (Pli @ Jade-OPENPLI) wonderful additions-BISTV-TNT-DM500

have demanded changes to a serious image Play PLI_JAD dependent


The most stability and the most rapid and most widely used.

Without prolonging go directly to the most important amendments

- Change Logos are great for owners of a 16:9 screen

- Change the knife: a 01 - knife Black Aero

Image 02 - knife Xline

With some modifications and final touches on the knife has become even more beautiful

*- Merge the new emo 2.2.1 cccam fast out of the var

*- Merge mgcamd 1.35a emo out of the var

*- Merge Albloginat following in the heart of the image cccam info - hacksat key

ecminfo. Are built far from the var

*- Modified on-line to become nice and clear

*- Add Arabic language to become the three languages built

(English, French, Arabic)

*- File is a consolidation of new satellites, the last frequency has a satellite mission.

*- Have been keys to a new file merge its latest blades so as not to tire yourself

Search for codes new.

Open channels without the involvement of

Knife of the image 01 Black Aero


> .rar/ <

Knife: Photo 02 Xline


> openpli1511_CCcam221_mgcamd135a_by__yassine_black_ aero. <

Alaimohan: emu (blue button + confing emu green button to activate

You can choose a language other music channels for Almtaddt languages