German pubcasters HD channels drive take-up
Published: 09.39 UTC, February 11, 2011

Since the launch of the HD channels by German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF a year ago, sales of HD capable flat screens have skyrocketed, according to figures from BITKOM, the German association of high tech companies.

During 2010, a total of 9.6 million HD flat screens were sold, a figure also helped by two main sporting events, the FIFA World Cup football in South Africa and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. “The start of the regular HD broadcasts of the pubic broadcasters has enabled the breakthrough of HD,” according to BITKOM president Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer.

For this year, even more HD screen sales are expected, with BITKOM forecasting a total of 9.8 million sets. At the moment, some 30 million HD flat screens have been sold. “About one third of all German households now have the capability to see HD signals,” according to Scheer. But apart from the HD flat screen, people also need an HD receiver for cable, satellite or IPTV.

According to GfK research, some 4.7 million HD capable set-top boxes were sold during 2010.