OpenPliv4.0 This amendment has added a very cool things new and exclusive The integration of many plugins and Alpluzhnat Cccam Info is another beautiful and distinctive Three more wonderful than a knife Skinat vipvalidator You can choose any one of them according to the Duke and this Knife very cool and lovable at all And is mixed by Emo cccam 2.2.1 I leave you with additions and modifications I have made in the image 1 - change boot images bootlogo, as well as radio and skan 2 - the integration of French language besides English With the ability to download any language from the server's 3 - merger of three Skinat Validator_pli
Vip validator

Vip validator_2
4 - Merge Emo CCcam 2.2.1 away from the space var
5 - Merge Bilgin CCcam info form new and distinct area away from var
6 - Merge Bilgin Ecminfo away from the space var
7 - Merge Bilgin Movieplayer away from the space var 8 - merge two ngrab away from the space var 9 - Merge Bilgin New Found Cleaner away from the space var 10 - Merge Bilgin HackSat away from the space var
11 - correct functioning Bilgin Teletex 12 - start a new file satellites 13 - Kanallar to update the image becomes lighter and faster so as not to cramping Dream 14 - possibility of changing the menus by pressing the button hlep to become a device such as Humax 15 - can only subscribe to pass the file path var / etc to earn Aharinj 16 - start a file Cccam.list 17 - also Cccamprovider The remaining space 76/100 This is today's date 14/02/2011 Note: Pass program is only DREAM UP I leave you now with some of Photos
Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Bootlogo 1.

Bootlogo 2.