French football clubs agree rights negotiation plan
14 Feb 11 -

France’s leading football clubs have agreed plans to renegotiate the sale of broadcasting rights for Ligue 1 matches and the country’s championship for the 2012-16 seasons ahead of the launch of CFoot, the professional football’s league’s (LFP) planned TV channel.

According to local reports, Jean-Pierre Louvel, the president of the UCPF, which represents 40 Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs, has announced that a call for offers will be launched in April, with responses expected by June.

Following the decision by Orange to pull out of the bidding, the clubs currently have only one likely buyer – Canal Plus. According to reports, by holding discussions well in advance of the next season, the clubs intend to give the broadcaster plenty of time to strike a deal ahead of the launch of the LFP’s channel. Louvel also indicated that the clubs would be flexible in organizing the timing of games and the start and end of the season.