dear members here is a tested way to overcome ur all mattrs regarding the info givn in subject
all of u r requested not to convert micro bx 1 into micro box 2 or microbox 2 into micro box 1.

unless the foolowing
ur mb seriel no has been expired
ur box has been black screened
supprting sattelite does not reach
ur digitalreceiver does not suports ur mb type

first of all u must understand that if ur mb1 is not fully converted into mb2 till then it can not be convrted into mb 1 sucessfully.

u must use the loader (link givn bellow) once only if ur mb2 is already ok and can be convrted in only first attempt.
loder must be cofigrd as bellow
1. chip type...... gx6102
2. xtal..... 13.5
3. flash interference spi flash
4. flash model stt25vf016b
5. dram type sdram
6. dram sise 64bit
if ur micro box 1 was not converted sucesfyly into micro box 2 u must first convert mb 1 into mb 2
if it is in proper position i mean red and green ligts on or both are twinkling or it is displaying on ur tv screen
now u must reset ur mb 2 into mb 1 and is guarenteed to b convert in first attempt only
convert mb 1 into mb 2
use above given loader set configure given above try the folowing sw which r tested personaly by me it will convert ur mb 1 into mb 2 with out any damage.
after the using one of the foolowing sw ur micro box 1 will be changed into microbx 2 even if it was no display or black screened, now its time to convert ur mb2 into mb 1 again
u must use loder sw given above once and only once using the following sw
ur microbox 11 is now in microbox 1 again now use the folowing cleaner sw without using loder sw

now finally update ur micro box 1 with one of the following sw(with out using any loader sw)
sw ver no 158, 159, 160, 161, 162
out of all these sw 160 and 159 are working better than all,
i hope u enjoy
ur sms mails and all voice calls will b always welcomed between 5am to 9pm pakistan standard time
and 00am to 1600 greenwitch stabdard time

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