Viasat to screen first 3D broadcast from Nordic region
Published: 11.07 UTC, February 17, 2011 by Julian Clover

Viasat is to produce its first ever sports event in the 3D format, the first to be originated in 3D in the Nordic region. The subject is next Tuesday’s Champions League clash between København and Chelsea at the national stadium Parken in Copenhagen.

The match will be the fourth sports event that has been broadcast live in 3D since Viasat’s first transmission last December. Previous coverage of football, NHL and golf has been from acquired sources. Viasat has promised to offer further 3D coverage of the final stages of this year’s Champions League.

“It is quite rare that there is a Scandinavian team that qualifies for Round 16 of the UEFA Champions League. Since we have launched 3D and as rights holders of Champions League in the regions are responsible for the production, it is a natural step to utilise the match for our – and Scandinavia’s – first real 3D live production of a sports event, ” says Hans Skarplöth, CEO of Viasat Sweden.

The production itself will be handled by the German company Skyline. Four 3D cameras with double lenses will be used, together with a dedicated crew and an a new outside broadcasting van.