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Thread: How to Instal and config Smargo smarreader+ on windows

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    Lightbulb How to Instal and config Smargo smarreader+ on windows


    How to for windows

    1. Unpack the tools zip file to Desktop

    2. Plug the smargo into a USB port on your PC.

    3. Windows will detect the new device.

    4. Do a manual drivers install , pointing to the Drivers_Windows folder.

    5. It will prompt for drivers for the USB device , then again for the serial device.

    OK, the drivers are installed


    Make sure the smargo is plugged into the PC with NO viewing card in it.

    Firstly, we need to check the smargo firmware version, so run the SmartreaderUpdate.exe

    If the firmware is v1.4 it will say so in the status bar at the bottom of the window and you can close this util,
    if not, click the update button and it will apply the update.

    on your pc

    in device drivers > PORT COM & LPT >

    you have a new interface : USB Serial Port com (com xx) xx it's a port number

    right click > propriety > port setting > advanced >

    change : COM Port number

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    Re: How to Instal and config Smargo smarreader+ on windows


    command for looking N° of BUS:DEV for Oscam loader cygwin

    run cmd in windows

    type cd c:\Oscam\OSCam <= path folder oscam on your HDD for me it's C:\Oscam

    type list_smargo.exe

    other windows open with

    bus:dev 002:003

    Device Serial:Reader xxx for me xxx = 227 =>

    oscam device = Serial:Reader 227

    start Oscam_Loader

    chose : smartreader
    detect : CD
    device : Serial:Reader xxx
    caid : your caid card
    label : your name card nc bis sky ect

    @ +

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